1. Glucophage

    I am interested in the benefits of spiking insulin but I have a good friend who is a diabetic and for me personally I can’t and won’t pin slin as a result. But I am very interested in glucophage. If first read about it in the GH sticky and have since researched a little. It seems to be a relatively safe and effective way to spike insulin. Has anyone tried it or does anyone just have information on it? If it increased the benefits of GH, I was thinking it would work nicely with igf, and even creatine (which works much better with an insulin spike as I understand it). Plus it’s cheap. If anyone has any info please let me know.

  2. Glucophage spiking insulin? No, it doesn't do any such thing. It acts as a insulin mimicker helping shuttle nutrients to various cells. ALA does the same the saem thing. Personally I don't like it because it lowers testosterone and I can use other nutrient partioners to do the saem thing without effecting hormone levels but I know Ray likes at as it helped him with some fat loss.
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  3. Then it doesn't sound like what I want. Thanks for the info.

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