Expired Bac Water - Still Good?

  1. Expired Bac Water - Still Good?

    Received my HCG and HGHfragment

    The person who sent it to me sent it with EXPIRED Bac water

    It expired 1/2009

    What's the skinny?

  2. not sure but if sealed should be fine, but you can pick up a new bottle for like $5

  3. Its sealed and I know it's cheap but via my own stupidity, I didnt notice the EXP date until I already re-constituted.

    So, is my crap safe?
    AND - does this affect potency?

  4. I would go ahead and use it, would not worry

  5. I would also contact your source and complain. might get some free stuff out of it

  6. I had the same thing happen to me, almost. Bac water was expiring next month, I contacted the supplier and not only did he tell me it was still good for another 6 months, but he'd also send out a free water free of charge.

  7. should be good if its sealed..


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