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  1. Sweet. I really would like to see if results can obtained by using it more than 30 days.
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  2. what company is MR?

  3. Muscle Research..

  4. Today - Day 21

    Took yesterday off......but still a noon 40mcg dose.

    I think the split dosage is a better choice for me, but I feel that if you are doing a single dose it is important that it be immediately following WO. I workout in the evening, so my first 40 split will be 11am (approx) and second 40mcg will be approx 9pm, immediately following WO. Noticed pumps were a little more the normal "insane" pumps, I know in the sticky Bobo posted the half-life is stated at 20-30 hours, I think 2 doses for me keeps the levels at a more constant, even, and steady anabolic state. Of course, everyone needs to do a little testing of the different variables and find what works for YOU as an individual.

    Since paying attention to the hair RE-growth, I have definitely noticed a fuller scalp of hair as I have decent MPB going on, anything coming back is noticeable, even the texture of the hair feels "healthier".

    Weight was dead on 180 today, but the mirror test is looking good. At some point I'm going to try and get some pics and post them, at least at the end I will do it. I am constantly amazed at the changes taking place in muscle shape, upper body thickness through the chest/shoulders/back/traps is increasing nicely as well. Vascularity through the arms and shoulders/traps is definitely increased and I notice this type of stuff more so after a rest/off day and the body is fully recovered. Was pretty strict about stretching after every set today, I'm sure this helped the pumps but the permanent aspect of hyperplasia is the goal with it, sometimes it is hard to drag your ass off the bench or away from the weights and find a good location to stretch, but guys, I think it definitely HELPS!

  5. excellent log, really interested on its effect on hair... among other things.

  6. hair regrowth is one the main reasons i decided to drop the loot

  7. Day 25

    Still lovin it

    5th straight day at 40mcg am and pm. Notice a little more muscle shape and tie-ins between muscles coming out, which tells me BF is dropping a little as well.......strange though, my weight is stuck on 180 but the changes are still coming. Have increased my caloric intake this week as well, an extra protein shake and an extra meal, approx 4-500 extra calories, finding it hard to eat that much, makes you almost feel bloated when you have a full stomach all the time.

    The hair growth as mentioned before, is a nice benefit, it is subtle but noticeable. At about the 15 day mark, I began to notice the regrowth and improved texture of the hair, not a miracle but it is probably better than any Rogaine type of product can do. This stuff just has a general improvement in your overall well times it is hard to describe.

  8. Bumping for an update, man....

    Inquirin' minds wanna know how 80mcg/day is treating you!

  9. Great log, Is it ok for a 18 year old to take this product? Just curious. I do not intend to take any type of products like this or steriods until I'm a lot older.

  10. At 18 I wouldn't bother really. It's one of the growth hormones that decreases with age. Right now, you're swimming in it so just use food and creatine as your main anabolics.

  11. wow sounds like great stuff.. expensive but great.. how many days does one bottle last?

  12. I agree, 18 is to young to be messing with lr3igf, you should have all the natural assets of youth you it for us 'old guys'.

  13. c'mon..... update please.... why are you slacking?

  14. Alright Already.......

    I can't believe how busy work has been last couple weeks, if I wasn't in the military I would quit! Only 14 months to retirement.........

    The 80mcgs daily was going pretty good, seemed to notice changes a little quicker, i.e., full muscles and dimensional changes........still got no dramatic weight gain, only 1 pound in 7 days of 80mcg. I used my final shot of this second bottle 3 days ago, again, I noticed no dramatic fat loss, just a body comp change, leaner, stronger and an incredible feeling of "health", am seriously thinking about running this at 10-20mcg ED/EOD for a seriously long duration (years), I think at 40+ years old it will have incredible anti-aging and health properties for long periods of usage. I don't think the more is better mentality applies with this, a moderate dosage at least for me 40-50mcg daily seemed to be an optimum dosage, so I will go with that from here on out with my IGF cycles, oh yeah, immediately followiing WO was the best time for taking it for me as well.

    Well I know some are going to be pissed at this, but started my PGH 3 days ago after the IGF ran out, still have a bottle of IGF left and plan on adding that back in after 14 days off, probably will run that final bottle at 40mcg daily and will add in my M14AD at 60-80mgs daily, split up 3 times daily.

    Probably the most incredible benefit I have noticed is hair re-growth and a younger appearance, my body is definitely leaner, larger and more muscular/athletic. Meeting new people in the past few weeks, NO ONE can believe that my age is the big 40, not bragging but this compound (LR3IGF1) has some amazing "Youth Enhancing" benefits you just don't get from AAS or PH's. Will see how the PGH does..........I have a pretty good grasp on the IGF so should be able to compare pretty good.

    For all you younger people, what has been said about utilizing your "own" hormones at that age is the best advice you can receive, although it is very tempting, SEE what you can do and get some (years) of experience before you jump to compounds like this. The experience and knowledge you gain will only enhance you usage of compounds later on, although it sounds miraculous, it is NOT. You MUST have your house in order to get benefits from ANYTHING.

  15. Do you have any progress pics?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by 98BlueSupraTT
    Do you have any progress pics?


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