I have been researching the effect of GnRH response to Hexarelin/GHRP-6, and it seems that there is a striking evidence of the inhibitory properties of Ghrelin and its analogues on GnRH secretion. In your research have you found concurring data?
In regards to Post Menopausal (main scope of this research is regarding female subjects, however could be applied to Andropausal males) subjects- how contradictory would it be to their HRT protocols?

Additionally several studies have shown that inhibiting GnRH + an AI (has profound effects in inhibiting endometriosis in certain candidates) and an AI + an a GnRH inhibitor has shown to be promising for prevention of prostate cancer.

Contrasting studies have suggested that Ghrelin/GHRPs do not alter the levels of FSH, LH or LHRH...

In addition:
PRL and Cortisol are both inhibitors of GnRH- and Hexarelin is most potent at stimulating both, would the increase in PRL + corisol be high enough to impact the secretion of GnRH?

I am curious as to your opinion on the matter- perhaps further expanding the possible benefits of GHRP/Hexarelin applications.