IGF-1 usage

  1. IGF-1 usage

    The best way to mix and inject ????
    I have one coming from MR.

    I understand it comes in powder form.

    I need to know three(ok four) things, I have found different answers on all of them:

    1- refrigeration, yes or no ???
    2- How much BA do you put in the vial ???
    3- How much to do 20mcg/day on a slin pin, and do I break it up to am and pm injections ????
    4- Do I add Bac water(and how much) to the slin pin after filling it with the IGF-1 ???

    Thanks to all that can help out.
    This is my first post on this board !!!


  2. 1) Yes.
    2) It comes in the BA from muscleresearch unless I'm completely mistaken.
    3) reccomended starting dose for a healthy male is 20mcg/ED at the standard dilution this will be TWO IU on a slin pin (1cc = 100iu, so we are talking .02cc here).
    4) Again, yes, I'd say up to the 20iu mark at the least and 50iu at the most.

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  3. you are right MB about how it comes. Already in solution

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