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  1. Pgh...

    I've been hearing a lot about PGH, has anyone here used it? Is this something thats basically newer than IGF-1? I can't seem to find any real info on it, help a brother out if you can point me in the right direction..


  2. I think its just some specific aminos that are building blocks for hGH.

    edit: final found the site that was selling it

    P-GH Is the most effective way to raise growth hormone levels in the body at a fraction of the cost of growth hormone therapy and proven to raise levels higher. How is this possible you ask? Simple........ P-GH is a blend of amino acid growth hormone peptide bonds; 4-amino butyric acid (GABA), 7-amino-8-hydroxbutyric acid (GABOB), acetylglutamine. Studies have proven that Gama Amino Butric Acid alone dramatically increases growth hormone production in the pituitary gland and higher levels of growth hormone over a prolonged period like 6-12 months will produce a significant increase in lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. Growth hormone has been called the fountain of youth and promotes well being. It is the higher levels of growth hormone that allow a small boy to grow into a man gaining height and weight in the teen years. Growth hormone therapy on the average can cost $1200.00 a month and more!

    We are the first to carry this growth hormone precursor the safest and most effective alternative to the old expensive growth hormone therapy only convenient to the rich and famous at a fraction of the cost.
    Sounds dubious to me, but what the hell do I know
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  3. I received a free sample. I will let you know how it goes.

  4. Jeff, where did you get that info from bro? Thanks for it, I'd like to find out more as well.

    Legal, yeah bro, make sure you post back on this thread and let me/us know how it goes for you. I've been hearing a lot of people recently are liking it a lot.

    I've also been hearing good things about PGF too. Is that the same thing as this or another version, copy, etc?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Jergo
    Jeff, where did you get that info from bro? Thanks for it, I'd like to find out more as well.

    Legal, yeah bro, make sure you post back on this thread and let me/us know how it goes for you. I've been hearing a lot of people recently are liking it a lot.

    I've also been hearing good things about PGF too. Is that the same thing as this or another version, copy, etc?

    Where else have you found info on it?

  6. Jeff, thanx. Check PM...

  7. if the bulk of what is in it is GABA, you can just take that before bed 5G should do it. I am going to start taking that soon. Probably betweekn 5-8 g before bedtime. I have read GABA produces its greatest effect about 90 minutes after it is ingested.


  8. Pgh is injectable gaba isomers, sounds kinda fishy to me but they say it works like gh. Ive seen no evidence not even anectdotal that it works

  9. can you post a link to that, I can not find it anywhere on the web


  10. Yeah, on universal kits site, it says that its meant for oral administration, but comes in a "sterile solution". All you kiddies know what that means. Anyways, all the people that I have read who've tried it, are pinnin' it and are liking what they see. But, thats only been like 2 or 3 "unknown usernames".

    hamper, check PM.

  11. yeah got it...thats what i was thinking too, that people were injecting..
    if thats the case id probably go with this IGF-1


  12. Here's the link: P-GH

    Anyone used this yet? I'm still leaning toward the IGF-1, price is about the same and I know from others here that works.

  13. ive been doin pgh it works fantastic. i actually started to pin it im thinking about giving igf a try tho for next month.

  14. How often and how much of the PG-H are you taking? I'm on it too at .5 ml in two shots 5 days a week and like it, although it is leaning me out so fast it's kind of alarming. I'm lifting heavier weight and I'm always hungry but I don't see any way I could gain on it. I'm in PCT right now, and can't wait until I can go back on M1T in a week, and see how the androgen stacks with it. I wish I knew if it would help to add glucophage like the sticky for GH says. I don't know because this isn't actually GH but a precursor. Are you stacking yours with anything, and have you gained on it?.

  15. Bros, make sure you keep us updated here...What kind of training are you both doing atm?

    What does your diets look like, and if leaning out post cycle bro, are you cutting right now, or at maintenance? And are you sure that it isn't just water loss?

  16. I guess there could be some water loss from my PH cycle but I haven't really lost alot weight (down 1 or 2 pounds), I just can't gain any. I want to be in maintenance, but I guess it's turning out to be a cutter. If I didn't keep my calories up, I think weight would go down. I'm at 184 now and don't want to go any lower, but everything is very lean and defined, including abs.

    My diet is pretty basic and balanced. It hasn't changed in a while:
    Breakfast is protein shake and 4 cups cottage cheese with raspberries.
    Mid-morning is a v-8 and peanut butter on wheat bread
    Post workout is shake with banana + non-fat yogurt, skim milk and two tuna fish sandwhiches on wheat bread.
    Mid afternoon is another v-8 and an apple.
    Dinner is 6 egg whites, a meat (two chicken breasts or lean ground beef chili usually), and a veggie. Some sour cream too.
    Protein shake before bed. Some cashews and almonds while I watch the tourney.

    And I'll cheat once or twice a week and eat a big jersey mike's sub or something.

    I take glutamine, ala, flax, mult-Vitamin, and liv.52.

    I do my strength training early in the week, and cardio thursday, friday, saturday, with legs on Sunday.

    Last week during bench is were I noticed the strength gains. I hit 275 5 times, which is alot for me. I usually don't feel like going much higher than 235, but I just felt like I needed more. Today i did shoulders and was able to increment weight again. I get tired in the afternoons though, and my muscles will occasionally cramp up.

    I'd be real curious to see what other user's routines are like and what results they are getting. I know I'm getting the leaning out effect, but I was hoping for some gains. Advice?

  17. i went from 270- 290 on pgh. i have gone through - a prodcut called omnivex
    -omnivex =
    AD 50mg/ml
    1,4 AD 50mg/ml
    19-Diol 50mg/ml all @ 150 ml ed
    i also took m1t @ 25-35ml ed
    ipgh i have been taking .5 ml ed 5days a week i have a intense training regimen. i do sprints 2 times a week and plyos 3 days a week and 3/4 speed run for 30min. heavy lifting 6 days a week.
    yes it made me very hungry... but then again im always hungry.
    i sleep very well on it
    meal 1- 2 bowls of oatmeal and 4-6 eggs and 42g of protein(pro rated)
    meal 2 - is usually a protein shake
    meal 3 - 4-6 cups of cottage cheese with salsa and chips
    meal 4 - another protein shake42g or few peices of chicken(3-5pcs) maybe sushi...
    meal 5 - is chicken or ground turkey with salad and salsa and beans ill have another protein shake at 42 g pro.
    and 1 shake pre and post workout.
    i also take-
    vit e
    chromium picolate
    and multivitamin.

  18. sorry 19-Diol 50mg/ml all @ 150 ml ed i ment all of those products at 150 mg ed...

  19. So the omnivex is a stack that contains this:

    AD 50mg/ml
    1,4 AD 50mg/ml
    4-Diol 50mg/ml
    19-Diol 50mg/ml

    How much does that cost? Sounds like I need some androgens to get the gains.
    Does PG-H help with your sprints and plyos? Are you more explosive? That would be nice as my soccer league starts up soon and I wouldn't mind an extra gear. Have you used this particular PH stack without PG-H, and if so what were your results then?

  20. I see now Omnivex is on universalkits. You pinning that as well?

  21. just started actually pinning that like 2 weeks ago...

  22. the pgh makes me feel a little sleepy at times... but my sprints always feel somewhat similar... i always feel explosive and extremely powerfull. i have sped up tho from the beginning of my football season.

  23. The leaning out and cramps seem to be a good sign, from what you've told me.

    I hear what you mean about wanting to gain more bro, but as long as its not muscle you're losing then I would stick to what you've been doin'. Then if progress stops, up overall calories. Are you just noticing bodyfat decreases, or is it actual weight? If its weight then just bump up overall cals would be my advice....

  24. i totally give pgh props but next month i might try igf...

  25. Jergo,
    There isn't any noticeable muscle loss. I may bump my cals up just a bit though to be sure. Maye add another protein shake. From the GH sticky were it says to "preload" with some test, I think that would be a good idea if your thinking about using it. Because you would probably put on the mass and then lean out the water and fat. Can't say for certain. Would like to use igfl3 as well. Trying to save enough to do both.


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