WTF, my bottle of IGF is gone and its only been 4days?

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  1. i used synthol pct. injected 500ui straight into each ball for a week and they were back to normal size in no time. works much better than nolva!!!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by FullyBuilt
    Darwin.........please. I really hope you don't support that and if you do, please change quickly so you don't go to hell.

    Also, I wanted to thank everyone for the IGF "top award"
    First off i'd like to thank God. If it wasnt for him, I probably would have grown a foot out of my forehead. 2nd I'd like to thank my family. If I wasnt for the divorce, Dad wouldnt have shelled out another $200 so I could get a new bottle. And third i'd like to thank the guys who helped me get the dosing right the 2nd time around. All in all, I love my fans and last but not least i'd like to thank my right and left delts for putting up with 300mcg of IGF in each of them for 3days

    and also im using synthol correctly. 1cc in the penis for 10days. Then 2cc's for 10days and then 3cc's for 10days. Please correct me if im wrong.



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