IGF & Results

  1. IGF & Results

    I am on Day 4 using 20 mcg per day of IGF. How long does it take before this stuff kicks in or do you feel anything for the 4 weeks on?

  2. you more than likely will not really "feel" it.. you will notice it or should..

  3. im on day 9 ofv 40mcg's ,one dose i was gonna do 20mcg but the temptation won. i have noticed my bi's started looking leaner the last two days although measurements have remained the same also weight has started to increase but that might only be too many calories , i am going to reduce cls. this week raise protein even higher[ 250grms] i think is to low more protein shakes. i seem to have developed tendenitis or somthing in my elbow when i go full extensions this week, oh well time to load up on celebrex.... does anybody know if thats just a temp. side ?

  4. You can get acheness in your extremities but its usually in your hands wrists, ankles and feet. I suppose it could happen in elbows. My Bi's were the first place I started to notice. They got leaner and my peaks became much more defined. I had comments from several people in the gym. I just say I'm dieting
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  5. thats what i say while chugging lots of water, but i have had looks from people i can see off to the side. now if only the bruise from spot inject on my bi would go away lol.



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