Run GH everday for 2 months or 5on/2off for 3 months?

  1. Run GH everday for 2 months or 5on/2off for 3 months?

    What's going on,

    (New here) So I have 8 5mg bottles of Humatrope. I plan to start taking them mid-December after doing some holiday traveling so that I have nothing to stop my flow once I start.

    Each 5mg bottle contains 15iu. I have 120IU total. The only way I can take a reasonable dose (2IU) is to take it everyday for 60 days, or 5 days a week for 90. I even thought of maybe doing a 7 day cycle that looks like this: 2IU Ed M-Th and 1IU F-Su. That way its still 7 days a week but last about 11 weeks...

    Any suggestions as to what is the better route? I'm thinking the longer the better but don't know if the 2 days off is setting me back slightly each week.

    About me, I am about 5'9 159lbs 28 yrs old, don't know my BF% but I don't have too much on me... just a little pudge around my lower abs but nothing major.

    My ultimate goal is to lose that lower fat, and add some leaner muscle. Not trying to bulk up really because I think I'm too short and wide to begin with Really would like to be lean and more cut ideally.

    I train 5 days a week doing a lot of boxing, push ups, sit ups, sprinting, running etc.

    Anywho, my uncle who was a pro body builder in his hayday and a steroid user says that by adding some testosterone to the mix would compliment the GH very nicely if I make some dietary changes (ie. Adding more protein into my diet, and more weights into my workouts).

    I have never done steroids but I'm not opposed to using testosterone while on the GH if it will help maximize results. What do you think?

    Thanks in advance and if my newbiness has offended anyone, I am sorry in advance as well

  2. you really don't have enough growth... from everything i've learned about it you should run 4iu a day. i don't think you'll see results from 2iu.

  3. HGH needs to be run 6+ months, u simply just dont have enough to produce any results.

    get 500-600iu and come back

  4. With your goal of getting leaner you will see results on 2iu a day 5 on/ 2 off. I did. I went from 11% body fat to 9% body fat. My vascularity is way up! Every one in the gym thinks I went on a hard core diet. I didn't change anything but add HGH. That being said you will want more!

    One caveat. You are 19 years younger than I am so you may need a higher dose than I did.

  5. Appreciate everyone's input. I'm going to run the GH and decide within that time frame whether or not to add more. I was able to have a prescription written for it, so if I find that 2iu a day is too low for fat loss or if I need to run another 3 months then I'll look into getting more. Will definitely keep you posted as time goes on. I don't plan to start until close to the new year, once all the holiday traveling and visits are over with. Much love fellas and thanks!



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