Any info on IGF-1 and women

  1. Any info on IGF-1 and women

    Does anyone know of any women on IGF-1 and if there are any other sides they should be watching out for?

    My wife wants to try it but I don't know enough about it to give her enough info on womens usage. I've been reading the stickies and doing searches but there doesnt seem to be any information specific to females.

  2. Considering that it doesn't effect testosterone levels, I believe it to be fine for female use. Hell, I think one of the "GFL" (growth factor long = l3 igf-1) moderators at beyond mass is a female.

  3. Question

    I'm also very interested in this for my girlfriend. It gave me excellent results in the "age-defying" arena (hair re-growth, better skin, less wrinkles around the eyes, etc), and I wanted to get her started. Anyone know any females that have tried it?

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