IGF-1 and AAS

  1. IGF-1 and AAS

    This may have already been answered but I could not find it anywhere.

    What is the best AAS to use with IGF-1?

    I have several bottles on the way. I plan on using it with a cutting cycle. Cycle so far is:
    Prop 200mg eod week 1-12
    EQ 200mg e3d week 1-12
    Tren 100mg will start with eod may bump to ed week 6-12
    IGF-1 at 20mcg ed week 1-4, 8-12

    I will prob throw in some clen and T3, but will wait to mid cycle and see how things are going. I have plenty of Nolva and Clomid for PCT. Working on HCG right now. Also debating on using slin. I have used it before but never on cutting cycle.

    Stats at present are 210lbs at 5'11" with 15%.
    I will be 29y/o next month with 13years of lifting and many AAS(can remember at least 12 cycles) under my belt.
    My goals are to get to around 200lbs or 10% BF.
    Will get the diet clean and kick in the cardio.
    Any opinions or modifications to cycle are appreciated.

  2. I'd run the prop out at least 2-4 weeks past the eq so it can clear your system before you start PCT. Looks pretty solid, for a cycle that long I'd reccomend HCG at at least 500iu 2x a week, or 250iu EOD if you really want to. I wouldn't use slin if you were cutting, plus the IGF will make you more sensitive to it, so you'd need to be even more careful with it.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  3. A suggestion from one who has not used igf1 yet so take it with a grain of salt, Since you have a 12 week cycle of androgens and enough igf1 to run 2 cycles at 20 mcg ed why not postpone your second cycle until you start PCT so you still have an anabolic, anticatabolic agent in your system while you are recovering? This would seem in my opinion and based on the studies posted on this forum to improve your recovery and allow you to keep more of your gains.

  4. Very good suggestion. I will think it over. Thanks
  5. Thumbs up Just wanted to add

    I have figured out tren would go great with IGF-1. Tren stimulates
    (I)sulin (G)rowth (F)actors and NGF (Nerve Growth Factors). Adding IGF to a bomb ass tren cycle would mean serious size, infact im trying it soon.


  6. I have heard that Anadrol the the best, that you can keep more of the size you get from drols by running the IGF-1 R3 right after coming off the drols.

    I'm going to try it next cycle by running Anadrol up front, then hit the igf1-r3 right after the drols and again at the end of the cycle (holding gains and take advantage of igf-1 r3 recovery benefits). Would also use test throughout at 750mg/week and proviron @ 50mg/day, I think it's simple and should be effective.


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