IGF-1 R3 site injections

  1. IGF-1 R3 site injections

    Benefitial at all? Since its water based I wouldnt think so but I figured i'd ask? thanks

  2. Nope.. I don't think it would raise the local IGF-1 levels in the muscle tissues around the injection site...

  3. no matt D , seems like it does have some site specific results , although the results from l r3 igf-1 would be mostly whole body .

  4. Cool... learned something new.. Thanks Ray I appreciate it.. sorry about the misinformation..

  5. wasnt trying to coach u bro , u know more than me and are bigger and wiser .

  6. Nah really Ray.. I like to learn new stuff.. and you did it in a good way, which is very cool in my book


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