GHRP-6 Questions

  1. GHRP-6 Questions

    when i go to reconstitute the ghrp-6, how do you do so?. Assuming reconstitute it with 1ml of Bac water. It would make it 5000mcg. Correct?

    Would i inject that water directly into the vial of ghrp-6 (5mg) itself?

    Following that it would mean each ui=50mcgs correct. so to do i could take a morning and afternoon shot of 3 ui a piece???

    Please let me know if this math sounds right you guys and how to figure out the whole reconstitution bit.

    Also, at 300mcg a day from a 5 mg vial with 1ml bac water. how many days should that last?

  2. how long would it take to run the ghrp-6 at this dosage to start to see results?

    Some people said they notice lots of gains in a few weeks and some suggest it takes longer to become noticeable like GH.

    Any answers, please, thanks

  3. wow yall are SSSSOOOO helpful

  4. I reconstitute 5000mcg with 5ml of Bacteriostatic water making the dosing out to 1000mcg per ml. I also use 3/10 insulin pins so every tenth of a ml is 100mcg. I run it at 400mcg a day divided into morning and evening doses, some people say that taking more doses is better due to the 4hour GH spike but this has worked for me. I mainly use it to keep my appetite up. You should start to see results pretty soon, maybe within a month of continuous usage, and especially directly after injecting when you get hungry as hell. Be careful or your blood sugar will drop after pinning, make sure you eat a good bit of protein before or directly after you pin. Hope that helps some I can answer other questions if you have any though.

  5. thanks for your helpful information.
    Other questions could be, What are your expierences as far as muscle and weight gain at that dosage because that is what i was looking into taking

    also , you wouldnt recommend it for only one month at a time seeing as how you said it takes a month to see results?

    How noticable are the results and do you think a standalone ghrp-6 cycle for 2-3 months could benefit me as far as muscle growth and weight gain.

  6. As far as muscle growth with GHRP-6 alone, I would have trouble quantifying that because I usually take it along with AAS cycles and I primarily use it to help me eat more. I take it year round though and I tend to have continual muscle growth and strength as long as I'm on. It isn't going to give you the most drastic results in the world, not like GH or AAS, but you should see steady muscle growth and strength increase. Honestly I would just run it year round or as long as you can, you probably won't see any side effects, maybe a little bloat, but it is very safe and the longer you use it and keep your GH levels peaked the more gains you'll see.

    For dosing I would take it three times daily at maybe 200mcg per injection and that should keep your GH levels spiked throughout the day and a good part of the night. This will also be more beneficial if your using GHRP-6 alone without any other hormones. As far as going for 2-3 months, you could try it and see if you like the gains but you'll probably get better results if you use it for a longer period of time.

  7. Any other peptides, chemical etc. that can provide good results without a year round regiment?

    I wish i could afford to use it year round but the only thing i can say is that i might stack it with prohormone cycles and pct.

    How do you think this would work given you know the prohormones mentioned?

    4-6 weeks - phera-plex clone (p-plex)
    1 20mg/day
    2 30mg/day
    3 40mg/day
    4 40mg/day

    4 weeks of PCT with Nolvadex
    1 40mg/day
    2 20mg/day
    3 20mg/day
    4 20mg/day

    ----with the ghrp-6 peptide all 8 weeks at 400-600mcg/day

    Any good results to be had from doing something similar to this?

  8. IGF and MGF can give really good results with a shorter time period, assuming you could afford either, they're both pretty expensive. I really couldn't help you with the prohormones, I made the switch to AAS about a year and a half ago and I don't know too much about PH's anymore.

    With the cycle mentioned you'd probably get good results, stacking a peptide with PH's or AAS seems to help amplify any gains you would get and will definitely keep your appetite up while on the P-Plex. I would go ahead and go with the cycle you suggested, if you could run the GHRP-6 for another month you'd probably maintain your gains better and continue to gain for that month after your PCT. It sounds like it would probably work pretty well as long as you had a good diet and lifting routine.

    I hope it goes well for you and let me know what your gains look like when you start running, I'll be interested to hear how your cycle goes.

  9. thanks , any other suggestions that you may have would be awesome. I look forwards to the cycle and letting you know how it works.


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