Cystoseira canariensis

  1. Cystoseira canariensis

    Since this is a section for AAS and prohormone alternatives I thought I'd post this here. That crazy scientific name is for a marine algae that is reputed to have the ability to suppress myostatin, a chemical in the body that regulates and blocks muscle growth. They even claim that suppressing myostatin with this algae can cause natural creation of new muscle cells (like l3 igf-1 does) and huge skeletal muscle gains. Pinnacle and Champion Nutrition have Cytoseira supps out. Has anyone tried 'em? I know this might be more for the supp forum but I was thinking this might stack well with l3 igf-1. It ain't cheap though.



  2. Never mind you can disregard I did another search in the supp section and

    the general consensus seems to be either it's too early to tell or scam. Sorry to waist yer time.


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