HGH Height Increase.

  1. HGH Height Increase.

    When my bro was 17 years old he got some test where he had a needle in him for like 3 hours or so, not sure whats it called i was pretty young anyways the doctor said he can prescribe him HGH so he can grow taller after looking at some paper with all this data but it did have side effects which i don't remember him saying but im pretty sure it has to do with liver toxicity and my mom did not let him do it. Anyways i am 5'3 right now and 17 years old. I have a doctors appointment next week im going to ask him if he can give me the HGH and ill have to convince my mom to agree... I have a couple questions tho...is it expensive? Is it injected or pill form? Just to make it clear my life is really ****ty being 5'3 so inb4 "its gonna kill u"

  2. read the rules and dont post here under 21. and yes it is extremely expensive and has to be injected

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