Check List for IGf-1 R3

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  1. Oh, that's not suspicious . . . who stores tylenol in the fridge???

  2. its either that, or not at all...

  3. I dont think 20 is too young. As long as your responsible.
    At least your not 18
    But dude I wouldnt do it if I wear you, seems like alot of problems, someones gonna move the tylenol bottle or something and your finished

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Mugzieee
    its either that, or not at all...
    I must have missed something in one of the other threads, this is from the sticky.

    2. Storage- the most popular (and most effective) way to store, transport, preserve IGF is by suspending it in sterile BA in a sterile vial.
    This will keep your IGF 99% potent for many months at a time in just about ANY indoor storage, I.E.-closet, drawer, etc. (Take it from me, I stored mine because I wasn't ready to use it for about 6 months in my closet... I had fears about its potency, then I started my first week, and BAM I practically cleaned out the fridge.
    fridge or no? I mean its only ganna be around for a month anyway

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Jeff
    I must have missed something in one of the other threads, this is from the sticky.

    fridge or no? I mean its only ganna be around for a month anyway
    your rite, thanx.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Jeff
    I must have missed something in one of the other threads, this is from the sticky.

    fridge or no? I mean its only ganna be around for a month anyway

    The problem is nobody knows for sure if thats true or not. There are plenty of people that say they kept it all room temperature and its fine but generally when peptides such as these are suspended it always better to store it in a cool place. The same goes for insulin, GH and HCG. If you have only one bottle and are using it, you probably won't have any problem. There really is no way to tell anyway.
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  7. I am curious, I know igf1 it has been stated that igf1 could cause tendons and ligaments to recover naturally, since the lovalized increase in igf1 is one of the key factors in the healing process, but what the hell leads you to believe that you will in any way be able to simulete localized igf1 increase to heal your ( insert nagging injury here) ? Do you have information not provided on this page about the benefits of igf1 in healing ligaments? What is your actual injury? Have you tried ergogenic aids? Igf1 is really cool and once I have reached an appropriate weight and training level I will probably try it to but there are other ways to heal a damaged ligament. If your body didnt heal it in a year then there is something far more seriously wrong. Youve seen a Doctor about this I assume? If not why not? See a Dr ask him about treatment options tell him what youve tried and then experiment on yourself if you can find no other way to go about this.
    BTW I laughed pretty hard at the you could die mistake... but you could die if you injected into a vein or got a nasty infection that wouldnt go away and slowly wasted away to nothing as the fever consumed your brain.... think about it

  8. It seems bacteriostatic water is the solution of choice th flush with, doesn't anyone use good ol' saline solution? Does anyone have any info. here?
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  9. Making Bacteriostatic water- taken from easto-written by lewd
    Info confirmed by Animal

    No need to boil water, but use distilled water(I got 1 galllon Poland Springs brand I found in store) or water that has gone through reverse osmosis, then filter into sterile bottle through filter.

    Use a 0.22 syringe filter which will do 100ml of water.

    Be sure to add 1ml of sterile BA for every 99ml of water.

    If you do not know what this is for, don't worry about it.


    Items needed:

    .22 sterile filter
    1ml sterile BA(ask if there is a minimum)
    100ml sterile vial
    20ml syringe (the bigger the syringe the more pressure it takes)
    two 18g pins one for drawing water and one for injecting in sterile vial.
    small pin 27g for letting air pressure out of vial you injecting BA into

    the pin used for injecting into the sterile vial and relieveing air pressure should stay there with the filter until the process is complete. use the other pin to draw the water with. You will be switching the syringe from the filter to the drawing 5 times or so to get 100ml.

    Hmmmmm, think I'll just pay the money

  10. Jeff, thanks for the reply, however I would rather purchase BA than prepare myself too.I was refering to using Saline instead of BA. Saline Solution is safe, it's what paramedics use to flush just about everything. I'm just curious as to why noone seems to use it.

  11. I did some searching but I couldn't find anything. Just thinking out loud, since the IGF is a protein, if the salt would kind of denature it and render it ineffective?

  12. GOOG POINT! I'll look further into that.
  13. Post

    From elsewhere :
    "Some people might say to just add saline to the vial, keep it in the fridge and inject it when necessary. However, this will not work well because the IGF-1 is not highly stable and will degrade in an aqueous environment. "

  14. ok, I will let you store it in my fridge, if you buy me a bottle too..


    or you can just store yours in my fridge..either way..



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