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    Yes definitely! You still have high test levels and you aren't finished growing. You can really benefit. I started at 40 and got gains in size, decrease in body fat, more energy, better mood and yes after 2 years people think I've been juicing when they see me. It is slow, but steady.
    I am 40 and considering IP @ 5iu per day 5 on 2 off. Should I do this alone? Or add maybe tren extreme and ah89, or add test prop, winny?
    Im looking to drop fat and cut up. Any thoughts would be appretiated.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Reginald View Post
    Okay,okay, I 'll use gHRP6 (let's forget insulin).........
    the point is : if ghrp6 will cause at me an hypoglicemic shock (a mega-drop in sugar blood of mine) ,it'll sufficient to eat sugar (also in sublingual way) and sweet stuff,or I'll need to injection a sugar/water mix in my vein in order to save my life?? me please,I've never use ghrps's my first time,so,I 'm afraid of its power and hypoglicemia abd hunger it can cause....
    ...however,after a ghrp6 , may I eat all what I want ,or there's the possibility I get an iperglicemic shock or others diseases(if I 'll eat too much?). I remember,someone has told me to y should eat only protein,cause if u eat compose carbs ,u can increase too much your fat and weight................but if ghrp6 will cause an hypoglicemic drow in/shock,so u should eat also carbs (yes simple carbs as sugar,but even compose carbs,i think,doesn't it?)
    GHRP-6 is not insulin you eat whatever you want it doesnt make your blood glucose levels drop that much.

  3. hey i have molluscum do u think that taking ghrp 6 would make this worse??

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Reginald View Post
    sorry,but ,supposing someone(me) use only some hgh cycles without use nothing else and get a hgh deficiency which the time only doesn't restore/heal.....which do u suggest me to use between GHRP6 and Insulin to restore my own hgh pituitary right secretion and why?

    Can you comment on what dose you were on that caused an hgh deficiency? Also, how long were you off before you decided that time will not restore this deficiency that you have?

  5. im very interested in gh to see how its effects are different than growth factors. thanks for posting this educational info
    growth factors and peptides can be used to enhance any cells in the body.

  6. I'm Sorry If This Is A Stupid Question Or Has Already Been Addressed I Missed It. There Is A Stack Available With AD3 Pct And Mass Hgh. Is This A Good Stand Alone Stack? The Pct Threw Me Off.

  7. Sizen 8.8 26 iu i dont have the box with me now how mach in the insoulin siring to be 1 iu

  8. Anyone can anser i have my kid 6 vials 8.8mg sazen and 10ml sodium chlor water for inj 0.09 how long is it ok to keep it in then fringe i use 2iu/day so 1 vial lasts around 13 days is it ok


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