Can anyone verify these figures?

  1. Can anyone verify these figures?

    Can anyone tell me if I the three conversion/reconstitution statements I wrote below are correct? I hope I'm not making this more complex than need be, but I'm new to this and want to be sure I understand everything I've read on this topic to avoid any stupid mistakes.

    (1) 1 cc = 1 ml = 100 iu (International Units, or insulin syringe units?)

    (2) So if I add 2 ml of Bacteriostatic Water (or 200 units in an insulin syringe) to a 2 mcg vial of dry CJC-1295 powder, I'll get a total of 2,000 mcg of liquid CJC-1295 at a 100 mcg/ml concentration?

    (3) So if 1 ml = 100 iu as noted above, then 10 iu would = a 100 mcg CJC-1295 dose at the concentration listed in the previous line.

    Are all three of these correct? If you can help... thanks!

  2. (1) and (3) look correct, but (2) seems typed incorrectly.

    I'm guessing you have a 2mg vial of dry CJC-1295, and if you add 2ml you get 2ml of liquid CJC-1295 at 1mg/ml. At that concentration 10 iu does equal 100 mcg CJC-1295.

  3. See my the bottom of post #1 there's a calculator....try using it.

    Ultimate IGF-1lr3 Beginner's Guide by PapaPumpSD!!

  4. Thanks! Will do.

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