IGF-1 to help injury recovery.

  1. IGF-1 to help injury recovery.

    Ok so before I start I feel that I should probably make my intentions here clear and give you a little background before I'm stereotyped and thrown on the pile as one of the idiot kids who just wants to get big quick.

    I'm not an idiot - infact as starting my degree of actuarial science at the tender age of 17 I'd like to think im just a little bit smart.

    I'm now 19 and following an injury that has left me unable to train my upper body for the last 6 months with no recovery in sight I have looked into IGF-1 and feel that it could potentialy help my recovery.

    My Injury: Around the beginning of the year I was starting to notice unsual tightness in my pec-delt-bicep region but shrugging it off and doing more stretches than usual to try and stretch things out a bit having been working out for the past 5 years with all sorts of aches and pains I assumed this would pass. However around jan/feb I felt a sharp pain in my right pec after my final set of decline pec flys this turned out to be a tear in my pec major from the ribcage and fairly small.

    I then took a few months off knowing that it would take a long time for my muscle to recover. During my time off though my shoulders and biceps continued to tighten up considerably to the point where it felt like my delts have turned into tight aching bands of fibres.

    After a good 4 months of sports pyhsio I no longer have quite so extreme symptoms however recovery doesnt seem in sight.
    After warmup my muscles usually start to tighten up and after about 3-4 sets of lightweight benchpresses my front delts will tighten up to point of feeling rock solid and almost without feeling and I have similar feelings in my biceps where it feels like an unnaturally painful pump after 2 or 3 sets of pulldowns and the muscle continues to feel tight and sore for several days after.

    Everything I've read around this on the net point to it most likely being tendonosis or a problem with my muscles not completely healing themselves properly.

    What I propose:
    The hyperplasia and cellular regenerative properties of IGF-1 to muscular tissue (including promotion of type 1 collagen fibres which would be particularly helpful if a tendonosis condition exists) indicate that a low dose short "cycle" of IGF-1 injected directly into the muscle may help my condition.

    Cylce: (All PWO)
    Mon: 20 MCG IM into left bi
    Wed: 20 MCG IM into right bi
    Fri: 20 MCG IM into left delt

    Mon: 20 MCG into right delt

    After this I will wait about 2 months to let the effects and cells mature and see if my symptoms have improved at all.

    My question and reason for posting is as to whether anyone could give me any insight as to the possible adverse affects I could be facing using this at my age or indeed if it is likely to help.

    Any helpful posts on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

  2. i used IGF to heal my shoulder and found the results to be amazing when coupled with a high protein diet and lots of stretching. i was using 30mcg E3D. i've used probably 3MG at this point of the stuff. it also helped make my torn ACL stiffness from years back get better.


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  6. be patient, not many people even using these peptides let alone in this board. have you searched? there are many threads that cover this exact topic that have been started in the past too.

    its my view that one of the primary reasons pro athletes bounce back from injuries that 10 years ago would have been career ending, is due somewhat to the use of these peptides. just inject 40-60mcg every third day as close to the site of your injuries as possible after working out, or if you're not working out at least do some light/medium movement in the injured area. keep your protein intake wayyyyyy up too. IGF works better when you eat alot of protein. sippin on nectar whey all damn day (white boy rap) lol

  7. does anybody think it will repair tears in the plantilar fashia?

  8. wow, story of my life right here...except i get tightness in my both forearms, pecs, tris,and ive had it for over a year...tried everything on it and noone can figure it out..so im curious how did the igf cycle go??


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