crap made a huge mistake. reagrding cjc1295 and ghrp-6

  1. crap made a huge mistake. reagrding cjc1295 and ghrp-6

    I purchased an order for both items and now just found out that i ordered [D-Lys≥] GHRP-6, 5mg instead of the GHRP-6. I made the order at night so by morning they should be able to cancel that but another last thing I noticed is that the cjc is 1293 not 1295 but from reading dats threads at pro-m it seems that I'm fine there. Anybody here know if that is correct as for some reason every time I try to register over there is denies me for some reason as i have never even been a member there. Does dat still even post here?

  2. Sounds like reslly you just ordered 1 "wrong" product. The company you ordered from should be able to change that for ya without issue (as it's the same price I assume)

    no biggie.

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