IGF question.

  1. IGF question.

    This will be my first cycle of anything except hdrol that I ran a while back but I'd rather start this instead of jumping into test or any other aas. I plan on ordering everything before I order the igf but had a few questions that seemed to be different in a lot of posts.

    I plan on getting 1mg of Igf and know that aa is needed to reconstitute it from what i read with .6 solution. I know that there is a method for making it with distilled vinegar but i found a site that sells the .6 100Mm but in bulk. They also have 2ml but it says but its 50Mm. from what i read Im supposed to mix 1mg of igf with 1 ml of .6 aa so how does that work with a 50Mm solution of aa?

    Another question I have is the bw and if it is supposed to be 4.1 when pinning? I wondering if it it against the rules to pm a mod to see if this well known site is still legit for research chems? Any help would be nice.

  2. I don't think the 50Mm will work. Its not going to matter how much you use, its the the fact that its only half the concentration you use... even if you were to use twice as much, the ph is the same.

    As to how much BW to add before you pin, its kinda a personal thing... its mainly to take the burn out of the AA. No matter what dose if IGF I use, I always backfill with BW to at least .8cc's and shoot .4cc's bi-laterally in the muscle worked.

    IGF may well be ok reconstituted with AA at 50Mm concentration... But I have always been told to use 100Mm.

  3. yeah, it kind of confuses me on why they would sell bulk .6 aa and at the same time have only 50Mm of the 2 ml. I'm will to make it myself but find it more of a hassle then anything. Thanks for answering the bw question.

  4. another question I had was instead of adding AA to the igf can't you just add Benzyl Alcohol instead? there is a company that offers it in BA solution but I hear that it actually degrade the igf. and yes it is a company that advertises on this board without giving out the name.

  5. BA does not have the right pH to stabilize IGF. From what I remember its either AA or HCL. Needs to be in an acidic environment and BA has a pH that's more alkaline than sterile water.



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