Hello Ya'll i am new here first post i don't know if iam posting this in the right section sorry if iam not in the right section

but In March i had a serious shoulder surgery they said by June the doc said id be lifting heavy again well ive been through tons of therapy i dont want to take pks so he gave me an antiinflamitory worked then i got a cortison shot in June it helped for starters still couldnt lift but i did make small gains. The true question is why won't he perscribe me a low dose of test. or any steroid ive researched it heavy and ive heard steroids are a healthier way to recover from surgery than cortison what do i have to do to convince him to persrcibe them to me????? He won't do it he said they won't work?????i dont know i went back to him last week he said just keep doing therapy but i cant stand not lifting heavy or doing shoulders or chest iam goin insane what do i have to prove to get em??? Thnks!!!