Low dose hgh. Does it help??

  1. Low dose hgh. Does it help??

    Does hgh at 1/2 iu to 1 iu a day give you any bennifits at all???

  2. To notice any results in the usual 6 month time frame, particularly in regards to muscle mass and cutting, you're definitely going to need to bump up the dose. Even in an anti-aging regimen people will take higher doses than that. All depends on your goals but that seems to be a very low amount.

  3. 2IU/day is the minimum. I am currently taking HGH at this amount. I am on week 5. So far the only thing I have noticed is a tad bit in fatloss, but this can also be from my diet, which is doing fairly well right now. But I have noticed my skin is looking nice, full, and healthy.

    All in all, if you're looking to loose weight . .find something else. The price is just too much for this. Do a T3/Clen cycle, and do your best to keep focused on diet from then on. As for anti-aging . .yes, take 2IU/day and no less. Split the dose in 2. Also research more on this such as food intake and timing.

    From what I see . . . HGH is only good for 2 reasons:

    1) Mix with anabolics to get BIG faster
    2) Anti-aging

    Again . .expensive.

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