Acetic acid in IGF lr3

  1. Acetic acid in IGF lr3

    IM am SOOOO lost right now. IGF1-lr3 is supposed to be reconstituted in a 100mM acetic acid. Would that be 6% or is it 60%. I read papas guide and they way he writes it he is saying .6% which reads 60%. If you follow his giude to making your own he suggests using 1part water to 7.5parts of vinegar. Vinegar is 5% acetic acid so i have no idea how diluting 5% acid is gonna turn it into 60%. Can someone that knows what they are talking about help me

  2. He means 0.6% AA if I remember correctly. 60% or even 6% will quickly denature and kill your IGF so don't do that.

    100mM = 0.6%
    I think he meant 7.5 parts sterile water for 1 part vinegar (5%). That would obviously yield a 0.6% solution. Hope that helps.

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