Does IGF-1 speep up aging like Insulin does?

  1. Does IGF-1 speep up aging like Insulin does?

    Ive been reading that IGF-1 and Insulin act very similarly and we all know Insulin speeds up aging, and the people with the lowest Insulin levels live the longest, Insulin and IGF-1 both feed cancer growth, both shuttle glucose into the cells,ect.

    So does IGF-1 also speed up the aging process? Would using HGH actually speed up the aging process and lower lifespan since it increases IGF-1 levels?

    Is it the actual GH that makes you look younger or the IGF-1? Since GH and IGF-1 have seperate benefits.


  2. That's what I don't understand, both HGH and IGF are said to be anti-aging and yet these articles get published showing a lack of them increases longevity. Got me very confused about peptides and their anti-aging effects.

  3. **** me man! Im a type 1 diabetic as of a year ago! I take a **** ton of insulin!

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