IGF Cycle Question

  1. IGF Cycle Question

    Hi guys, been on IGF for about a month now and want to know how you can tell when the IGF is no longer giving any effect. I still get the usual hypo, and I get hungry but are those the only signs to look for? Absence of usual signs = receptors downregulated? I could just bump the dose up a little bit right? Thanks in advance.

  2. Any thoughts on this guys? I've read a lot about IGF but not many cover this area. For those of you you who ran IGF I'd like to know what determined the length of your cycle.

  3. no reason to push it man. others have run cycles and the ideal cycle length is pretty well established. basically if you are not seeing gains anymore then you should stop, i would not rely on the hunger to tell you its still working since i believe much of that has to do with different receptors than in your muscles but i could be wrong since i can't find the research on this i used to have. maybe someone else here could chime in.

  4. Thanks for the reply bro, will take that into account.

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