HGH/T3/Slin Blitz Cycle

  1. HGH/T3/Slin Blitz Cycle

    Hey bros...I got this blitz cycle off Lee Rea's book and I'd like to get your comments and insights as to what to expect, changes, and anything you could contribute to make it a nice blitz cycle.

    1 and 2: dBol 50mg, Test Prop 100mg
    3 to 10: dBol 50mg, Test Prop 100mg, T3 50mcg, 6ui Slin 2xd, 2ui hGH 4xd

    The book indicates that no PCT is needed as this is such as short cycle it will not cause severe shutdown, but I am a little skeptical on that.

    Another question I have is if I need an AI during cycle or not.

    Any experienced help is highly appreciated.

  2. Come on guys... I got all the ingredients on hand to start this cycle. Please help twick it.

    Is this a too short of cycle ?
    Isn't PCT required ?
    Has anyone run it, or a similar one ?

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