HGH time of day dosing

  1. HGH time of day dosing

    hi again all,
    I've heard mixed reviews and I need some clarification. Currently I am dosing 3 iu's a day split between preworkout and before bed based on a reputable friend's advice. My question is when exactly is the best time of day to dose and why? thanks for any input

  2. When natural GH levels are at their lowest. I hear that's in the morning. Don't inject before bed because the synthetic GH will interfere with your body's natural GH release.

  3. If you are splitting the dose you could do one dose pre workout intra muscular. That will give you awesome pumps during training ( Then again I was doing 4iu IM, EOD ).
    Otherwise, I heard best time is upon waking on an empty stomach.

  4. I am running 2IU/day, 5 on 2 off.

    I inject in the morning right before I leave for work at around 8:30 am . .like after shower/etc. I then make sure to eat a low-carb breakfast due to insulin insensitivity.

    At lunch and 2:30 snack, I will eat the majority of my carbs for the day, I also go to the gym at lunch. At 6:30, I do my 2nd shot and also keep low-carb for the next few hours. At around 9:30pm, I eat some carbs in my last meal. I then to go bed around 12:30, which gives my 3 hrs from my last carbs, which is good for night GH release.

    This was something I came up with from researching.

    What does anything think of this?

    my goals are to get leaner, I am at about 15%bf right now.

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