Need Some Clarification on Peptides

  1. Need Some Clarification on Peptides

    I will try to keep this question short, but I am BRAND NEW to peptides and I'm trying to determine what to do next. Here are my details.

    (1) 40 yrs old - 6 ft - 250 lbs. Overweight. Need to trim down.

    (2) Insulin-dependent Type-1 diabetic since child. Continuously taking Humalog via insulin pump. About 100 - 125 units per day.

    (3) Had very low energy. Recently found to have low testosterone. Now on Rx of 15 mg per day Androgel. This is helping increase energy.

    (4) Interested in learning more and possibly supplementing Insulin and Androgel with CJC-1295 and GHRP-6, but this is where I have questions.

    (5) GOAL: Trim body fat/weight & gain energy. Would like to get to a toned 200 lbs. via muscle building and cardio program.

    So hopefully this is the right forum for the questions below.

    1) It appears taking CJC-1295 and GHRP-6 together is better than taking CJC-1295 alone. Is that accurate?

    2) Do those here who have more experience in this area think these two peptides are the best options to help me achieve my goal listed above?

    3) If these are the best options, where is the best place to order these peptides and where is the best place to find dosage recommendations?

    4) Any other advice given I can also control my dosage of Insulin and Androgel?

    5) Last item... I'm concerned about the increased appetite when on GHRP-6 since this is already an area of concern for me without it. Do the pros of GHRP-6 outweigh the appetite increase?

    Thanks in advance for your time and any advice you can provide.

  2. i think playing with peptides while being insulin dependent and having your doctor trying to help you is asking for trouble. the body is a complicated system and you could easily end up with some very important and bad side effects.

    i would say that 500mg of test cyp for 10 weeks, 250iu of HCG twice weekly, and maybe start it with a 8 weeks of halodrol at 50-75mg a day would be a MUCH better bet. use some torem for PCT and perhaps 20mcg of IGF (if it doesn't make you go too hypoglycemic) and you'd be much better off and see some seriously dramatic results.

    you could also just get some 11-oxo for cortisol control (or some other cortisol control) take 50mcg of IGF 3x weekly and take some ECAs and i also bet you'd get some ridiculous results in maybe 7 weeks. actually id try this stack first before anything else. be careful with IGF though man, start at very low doses and go from there.

    you're going to want to be sure you've been working out at least 4 days a week for several months before doing any of this though otherwise you're body wont' be ready to deal with the increased protein synthesis and cortisol and you won't get nearly as good results as your body won't be able to evacuate the byproducts and wastes/toxins that result from heavy lifting. so if you havn't yet, get consistent and lift hard for at least a few months to get your body ready. take all your multis and preload all the cycle sups out there and maybe some trib.

    good luck and be careful, life is more important

  3. Thanks for the honest reply. I was wondering about the risks. Appreciate it.

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