New to GH, need diet advice

  1. New to GH, need diet advice


    This is my first post, but I have been lifting/training for several years now.

    Just got some HGH, and was going to do a 5-6 month cycles @ 2IU/day @ 5days/week for fatloss/anti-aging.

    I am about 15-16% bf, 5'9" 210 lbs.

    My focus is to loose fat, and I also do not want to get any bigger, just maintain what I have and loose these damn love handles. My night eating sux balz but slowly getting better.....

    My questions are:

    1) Is 2IU/day for fatloss enough? Is 3IU/day better? Don't think I'd go high than that.

    2) If I continue to lift, will I grow more? Cardio and lifting are equally important for health, training, etc. Does this still hold while taking HGH? Should I shift my focus more to cardio? Keep in mind I don't want to get bigger.

    3) While on HGH, I have read it's in your system for approximately 4 hours after injection. What kind of diet/nutrition should be taken in this 4-hour period to maximize the HGH's results for fatloss, and perhaps some muscle gain. Should I stay away from sugar? I know alcohol is a no-no. Stay on empty stomach? Just not sure, tried to do some research, can't find anything.

    4) Would also like some recommendations on general everyday diet while on HGH? (Besides 1g protein/1lb of body weight). other supplements? Vitamins & Minerals? Specific Foods, foods/supplements to avoid?

    5) Also, i am taking my 2 injections at 9am and 5pm. From what I have found, this is ideal.

    Does the time in which u workout with respect to the injection an important detail?

    I work out usually at lunch (11:30-12:30). Is this ok? Should I time AM shot differently?

    This is my first post.

    Thanx for the help,

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  2. nice . . . .

  3. Hi

    First post.

    Also new to GH and also thinking of taking 2iu ed for fat loss and anti aging. Information on forums can be confusing with suggestiions of taking up to 4iu daily for the same benefits.

    Also read that you can take up to 3iu in a single dose, anything higher should be split into 2 doses am and early pm.

    I have 25 vials of 8iu hygetropin (100 doses at 2iu daily) and would like to know the how long I should take it for. Is 2iu daily 5 on 2 off sufficient for anti aging benefits.


  4. Hey man,

    I'm running 2IU/day, 5on 2 off, but I think I am going to bump it up to 3IU/day. I have no side effect . .perhaps a bit of tightness in joints.

    If you're going ot take GH for fatloss, stack it with an ECA or T3 or Clen.

    i have only been on it for about 2 weeks now, but I feel my skin is a bit firmer, but not by much, it also looks better. My mood is also a bit better in general. As for fat loss, just started on the ECA, i was off for my cycle. But now I'm back on. I have seen a tad of fatloass around the injectino areas like near the belly button, but not much.

    I got a long way to go . .6 months, so I am 1/12 into my cycle.

    i also feel like my sleep has been a bit better.

    I'd recommend doing 3iu/day 5 on 2 off. But start with the 2IU/day first and then taper up. This will reduce sides effect if you're prone to any.

    make sure to mix it with a BMR accelerator like ECA Stack, Clenbuterol, or T3, and also cycle those. As well, 5 on 2 off. On the off days, take benadryl at night to clean up receptors.

    as for diet, try to supplement L-Carnitine and ALA to prevent to much of a drop in insulin sensitivity from the HGH.

    Good Luck,


    PS: I am also an amateur of this, but this is what i have found via research. Hopefully someonewith more experience can give me a thumbs up on this or add to my comments.

  5. Thanks Peter

    I will try 2iu/day 5 on 2 off and will gradually increase it to 3iu.

    I'm planning to start it in September as I'm still waiting for delivery of my second batch. How long should I take it for? It is purely for anti aging as I don't have a lot of weight to lose. I will be working out at the gym but mostly cardio.

    Is this something I need to do every year, if so, for what period each year and how long between cycles.



  6. I believe u need to run 6-8 months. to see any results.

    For my, I am on my 4th week now.

    So Far, I have noticed a bit better sleep, definately better skin . .firmness and tone, as for fat loss . .perhaps a tad, but can't tel if this is diet related or GH related.

    I am thinking of also running a T3 in parallel with it for fat loss.

    So far I like it, but i think I will get GHRP as it is WAY cheaper then just plain old GH.


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