Best Agent to Heal VMO/Knee Injury

  1. Best Agent to Heal VMO/Knee Injury

    I have a torn VMO which atrophied the lower portion of the tear drop shaped muscle down at the insertion over the knee. As such I have pretty bad arthritis in the knee.

    I'm hoping local injections of IGF after training that muscle, along with a tourniquet ala Patrick Arnold to help keep it acting locally more, would help build up the muscle and provide more knee stability.

    Is this the best protocol? Not sure if some other agent like MGF etc might work better. AFAIK IGF R3 is the best agent for this right?

    Thanks for any help!

  2. Haven't read any medical articles about IGF's healing effects, but I've stumbled across stories in this forum and others about IGF's ability to heal.

    If I remember correctly, one poster said he started an IGF cycle for muscle hyperplasia, and a side-effect was that it had regenerated the missing septal tissue in his nose.

    Another guy who had brain damage and was on his way to become epileptic, said it had repaired the loose connections to the neurons in his brain. He no longer suffered from epileptic episodes.

    That's all I can come up with. I guess it's worth giving it a go mate, I think it might do some good. Search online for any articles in regards to IGF's healing. I'm pretty sure it's used for burn victims as well.

  3. very cool. thanks!

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