Hexarelin or HGH Fragment 176-191

  1. Hexarelin or HGH Fragment 176-191

    I was looking into using Hexarelin and/or HGH fragement 176-191. I don't know much about the peptides yet and just started reading about them. I would like to use both of theses products but it is very expensive to run them both. I want to lose the stubborn fat in my stomach. If I was going to pick one or the other, which one would you recommend? and why?

  2. good question, i would like to know as well! anybody?

  3. I'm a noob to peptides so am not in a position to recommend anything. However after considering both and having much the same problem I ended up going with 176-191 as I am hoping to say good bye to the looooove handles. I wont be able to tell you how it went for a few months tho.

  4. I am trying Frag+hex. for a couple months. we will see? I also read,we should take one shot in middle of night? when fasted? any truth to this? im giving it a go?

  5. Hex is really strong. Very good stuff but for a ghrp it produces more sides than some others. And if you think these are expensive, then you are buying from the wrong place. There are 15 to 20 places that I know of to buy them and you can get 5mg really cheap. Like the cost of a pizza. Don't ask me for sources but use google. I don't know much on the frag but a combo of ghrh and ghrp will be good for you and again you can do the combo for cheap. You need to look around the net a little more.



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