IGF LR3 and Peg MGF cycle question :)

  1. IGF LR3 and Peg MGF cycle question :)

    Hi im going to do a PEGMGF 4 weeks then IGF lr3 4 weeks and then MGF 4 week cycle and so IGF again.

    Im so unsure about stacking these 2, so i am going to juse them separeted.

    OR if any 1 have some good input why i should do them together i do that

    But what does you think about this??

    Gona juse 500 mg PegMgf shooting Sun and thue 125 in each Peak..
    and next week biceps.

    Then Next 4 weeks IGF dosing at 20 mcg in both muscle gruop pwo..

    And then MGF 4 weeks again at same dose...

    and then IGF again same dose for last 4 weeks...

    What do you think??

    im also on GH 4 iu ED and Test 500 mg\week and dbol 30 mg\ED

    Thx 4 any help


  2. Not 1 singel answer !! ???

  3. I assume you mean 500mcg of peg, not 500mg..Id double the mgf dose..everything else looks ok

  4. i'd probably double the IGF and not inject it more than 3 times a week tops. i get best results when i alternate between 2 and 3 times a week.



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