IGF-1 Stability Question

  1. IGF-1 Stability Question

    Hi guys, just received some of Hygetropin's IGF-1 LR3 in 100mcg vials. My question is just how stable is it reconstituted with sterile water? I've heard conflicting reports ranging from 24 - 72 hours all the way up to a week or more.

    I only ask because I want to start with a dose of about 40mcg a day, and it'll take me 3 days to finish a vial. By that time, would it have degraded to a point where it's useless, and should instead be using AA?

    I want to avoid using AA if possible but if its really the best way to ensure consistent dosing, I'll go for it. Also, is bacteriostatic water any better? Does adding benzyl alcohol do anything to preserve it?

    Sorry if this has been answered before but I want to start with 100% confidence that I'm injecting the same amount each time.

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  3. You need AA for IGF bro. IGF is very pH sensitive. Get some white vinegar, distilled H2O and a whatman filter. 7.5ml H2O, 1ml vinegar, filtered thru a whatman will yield about 7ml of 6% solution (some stays in the filter.)

  4. should last up to 2 years..

  5. BA works fine.

  6. Thanks for the replies, appreciate it.
    On another forum they said that I could just preload the remaining IGF in syringes and freeze them overnight. Because it'll be thawed only once, there will be no freeze-thaw damage. I'll try giving that a go if I can't find a Whatmans. Cheers guys


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