CJC and GHRP-6 Storage Questions

  1. CJC and GHRP-6 Storage Questions


    Can CJC and GHRP-6 be stored in the freezer in powder form? If so, how long? Does it need to be in anything to maintain stability? i.e. moisture free container, ziplock bag, etc?

    Also, once reconstituted - Its kept in the fridge or at room temperature? If so you keep in the fridge, can you administer right from the fridge?

    Thank you

  2. I keep mine in the fridge. Once recons, also in the fridge.
    You want to backload the syringe with room temp BW b4 injecting. Injecting straight from the fridge is not a good idea.

  3. stable around 5 years in the freezer, stable over 6 months at room temp not constituted. they are vacuum sealed, so nothing else you'd do would matter other than keeping out of sunlight. once reconstituted, depends on how long you think the vial will last. if 2-3 weeks, then room temp is ok, longer and you'd better refrigerate

  4. 5 years in the freezer? Nice. Is it about the same for in the fridge? Does BW need to be put in the fridge? Or can that be room temp?

    So if you have a recon'd CJC/GHRP6 in the fridge...You take it out and put extra BW in there that is in room temp? Or can you just load a syringe from the fridge and wait 20-30 minutes for it to be at room temp?

    Thank you for all the replies!

  5. i am prescribed HCG, and its kept in the fridge, and I inject directly without letting it warm up....

    BW can be stored out of the fridge as well, just be careful that you use an alcohol wipe and fresh needle every time you draw from it so you dont contaminate it. I think un-reconstituted life is 6-8 months at room temp, and that 5 years in the freezer was quoted as at -4 C, so fridge would be somewhere in the middle

  6. Thank you, EJL.

    I would draw from the BW once just to reconstitute and then put the rest back in the fridge. Use a fresh needle and swab the top of it with an alcohol wipe each time though. If I was to use 2mL to recon - using a fresh needle and swipe. If the syrgine is 1mL ...would I need to use 2 needles just to make sure not to contaminate?

  7. nah, thats still ok, as you are going from sterile vial to sterile vial, so should be no contaminants.

  8. Is there any thing to put the vials in while in the freezer to help maintain and assure stability?

    Is a standard house fridge/freezer at that -4 temp?

  9. dunno, but i doubt you bought so much that it matters even a 5mg GHRP6 vial should last no more than 15 days per vial at 100mcg 3x a day, so even if you bought 20 vials its under a year and so good at room temp.

    my commercial freezer is that temp but its a 19 cubic foot standup. not sure what a regular freezer is.

  10. Good point. LOL

    Im just trying to figure out the best way to store it until the research begins without messing it up. But if freezer would be roughly around 5 years in a regular freezer, and then somewhere in the middle for the fridge and about 6-8 months at room temp. But freezer wont mess it up for sure? Lets say for 6months to a year if need be?

  11. no, just let it return to room temp still sealed first before you reconstitute, so you don't have room temp water hitting frozen amino acids

  12. Sounds good. Ok so once it returns to room temp. then reconstitute, wait a few days after it has been recon'd and then its good to go? Put in the fridge, pull out amount to be adminstered and that is fine? No need to wait for that to be room temp right? Can take straight from the fridge?

    Are the same storage procedures for IGF-1 LR3 and PEG-MGF as the CJC/GHRP6? etc

  13. i'd put it into the fridge immediately after adding the water, and still wait at least 24 hours before using. you can use it straight from the fridge.

    not entirely sure on the others like IGF + MGF, as I kind of recall that one of them is best at a different PH. can't recall the details offhand tho

  14. Thank you very much for all your help, EJL!! Much appreciated!!

  15. Whats the reasoning for letting it sit 24 hours?

  16. roughly takes that long for the BA in the water to kill bacteria. if you were to use it immediately, theres more risk if the stuff wasn't sterile.

  17. don't really need a PCT to restore hgh levels after a cycle, unless you were doing something totally crazy. even then, neither ghrp6 or sermorelin fits

  18. yeah, GH doesnt work that way.
    you're g2g

  19. In a regular kitchen freezer in powder form is good to go for awhile?

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Liquid 2009 View Post
    In a regular kitchen freezer in powder form is good to go for awhile?

  21. Yes, I am telling you and have told you before that less than 1 iu a day that you used for your cycle couldn't have lowered your natural production. If for some other reason your natural production went down GHRP6 wouldn't have that effect of restoring it.

  22. GHRP6 or sermorellin or CJC will only add to your GH release and only when you use them. They will not change your GH release profile will return to after you stop using them

  23. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    once reconstituted, depends on how long you think the vial will last. if 2-3 weeks, then room temp is ok, longer and you'd better refrigerate
    How long will it last reconstituded in the fridge?

  24. probably only an additional 1-2 weeks, so 4-5 tops


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