Igf-LR3 and hypoglycemia problem.HELP!

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  1. Igf-LR3 and hypoglycemia problem.HELP!

    I was trying ghrp-6 at 200mcg/day for 14 days and then switched to some IGF-lr3 that i got ahold of and tried that at 40mcg/day but I could only last a week. I was getting severe chest pains/palpatations and tingling all over my body(shoulder,soles of feet,fingertips,forearm,legs etc.) I stopped everything and It has been about a week later and if I dont keep my blood glucose high by eating complex carbs every 2 hours the tingling comes back and I get palpatations again. I know this is hypoglycemia from reading other posts but in my case it seems a bit severe for the short time and low amount I was running. Any experience with this? Is my hypoglycemia permanent or can I expect it to go away soon??? Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

  2. dude what the hell. Don't mess with these things you obviously have no clue how to run them.

    IGF needs to be used in conjunction with high carbohydrate/protein shakes. Otherwise of course you will go hypo, the drug draws all available nutrients into muscles. Your brain will not get enough sugar if you don't overfeed yourself.

    Here's a basic suggestion:
    workout HARD
    inject into major muscles for quick systemic response
    20 minutes after injection consume 50g dextrose/50g protein
    1 hour later consume 50g complex carbohydrates, 50g protein, veggies, etc (a meal)

  3. The only thing i did differently was that I took 40mcg igf all at once and i did it in the morning before breakfast. I sould have specified that i did take in enough simple carbs( i used bagels gatorade most of the time). Do you think 40mcg in the morning instead of after workout or a 20/20 split makes that much difference?

  4. I'd do it after working out because that is when you want the most intense insulin response/nutrient shuttling.

    You want to take this stuff because it shuttles more nutrients into your muscles. When do you want that? You want that immediately after working out to jumpstart your recovery and kick you into high gear. Why do you want to do that? Because you can hit each bodypart more often if you have a quicker recovery. Naturally you might be able to hit each bodypart (MAYBE) 2 times in 8-9 days and still have adequate recovery/growth. With IGF and AAS (I dont think IGF is worth running without AAS also) you can probably hit each bodypart 2 times in 6-7 days. A big difference when you think about that compounded over a 3 month cycle (with 2 4 week IGF cycles split one on front end and one on back end). Thats maybe 6 more growth cycles compared to natural. Combine that with the ability to overfeed yourself 500-600 more calories without fat gain (from the AAS) and you have the ability to create muscle mass at maybe 2.5 times the rate you would naturally.

  5. thanks for the advice. I will take a couple months off to bring my body back to normal and I'll try to be a little more careful next time around and hopefully i wont have anymore issues. its been over a week since I stopped and I am still strong and still losing bodyfat with a high calorie diet. Should I make any adjustments to my diet post cycle or keep it the same for a while? im taking in about 300+g Protein, 400-500g carb, 50-100g fats. (I havent heard how long the fat loss effects are supposed to stick around)

  6. well depends on your maintenance. Personally I like to shoot just a little over maintenance so I don't accumulate too much BF.

    The IGF should last a few days after last injection. I could still feel it 4-5 days later during workouts (increased pump side-effect).

    I'd also suggest lower doses. I experimented with high doses and now am convinced 20-25ug is the right dose (for me though, ymmv).

  7. Good Call! I thought the same thing about the lower dose because I read that natural production is only around 1mcg/day. I thought about starting out at 10mcg (because I reacted so strongly to 40) and then gradually moving it up to 20-25. This way I can monitor the sides a little closer. My friend also thinks that my reaction could be due to the high BP and water retention while I was on it. Maybe some hawthorn and dandelion could be useful. Any other supps you would take with it?

  8. 10ug would probably be effective. It would help nutrient shuttling and prevent a lot of sides you are seeing.

    Do you have any plans to run AAS (test, etc)? If so then I would save your IGF til then.

  9. I moved out of state and dont have any means of getting AAS for the moment so the only thing I could do would be a tren kit. If I had access I would love to take it with some winni but I cant get any right now and I dont know any credible websites. Im thinking that it might be better to do IGF by itself until I get a little more experience with it. I try to stay away from test anymore for various reasons. One of the reasons I am trying to get into peptides is that I feel it is a cheaper and better way to put on quality muscle while avoiding alot of the sides, ups/downs, of AAS use. Im also considering maybe saving my igf and trying a ghrp-6/cjc-1295 cycle first. I will definitely be doing more research this time around tho.

  10. There's a better way to get the most out your IGF, but it's something you probably shouldnt be looking into right now...considering the nature of your first post...

    If you want to run cjc/ghrp without IGF, maybe you shouldnt run any of it until you understand what you're doing a little more.

  11. Thats kind of the point. When it comes to peptides im a novice and I don't plan on doing anything else until I have done more research. I am here to learn. I will say that I didn't have any negative sides when running ghrp-6 by itself and I loved the strength I got while I was on it. What would you suggest? keep in mind that my goals are fairly modest (to put on about 5-10 lbs muscle while leaning out) Anyone else please feel free to give me your thoughts as well.

  12. Run the ghrp-6/cjc on the same dosing protocol as you used for ghrp-6 alone. Run this long term. Cycle in IGF 4 weeks on/4 off. Dose EOD PWO injecting bi-laterally 20-25ug each side in the muscles you just worked out (quads can handle more, Ive done 50ug.) This a great time to do another dose of ghrp/cjc. Eat plenty of carbs, but no carbs 3 hrs before or 30 mins after dosing ghrp/cjc (longer is better except PWO.)

    You wont see results right away, but if your diet and training are on point, I think you'll be pretty pleased with the results. Just run the ghrp/cjc continuous and cycle on and off IGF until you get to where you wanna be.

    I just looked at your stats, at your size you may want to play around with upping the dosages.

  13. I think its a waste of money to run all those pep's on their own. AAS is cheap and straightforward and effective. If lean mass is what you want then AAS is your go-to.

    Peptides should be used like an 'accent' to an AAS cycle. Maybe use 100ug CJC/GHRP-6 once a night if you're not on, but anything else is overkill imo for natural training.

  14. OK. Some questions... Before I was using 200mcg/day of ghrp after waking up and taking in 50-100g carbs 30 minutes after dose. Is this OK or would it be more effective to do PWO while not on igf? And how much CJC would be a good dose to add to this? Same syringe?

  15. take the GHRP-6/CJC1295 on a completely empty 'fasted' stomach at night (like wake up and pee around 3am and shoot it and immediately fall back asleep).

    Dosing carbohydrate with the GHRP-6 is counterproductive because the insulin response from the carbs will suppress the GH surge from the GHRP-6.

    When I ran CJC with GHRP-6 I ran them both at 100ug in same syringe and shot it at night. Now I just run GHRP-6 alone and I think its better (less lethargy and cheaper too). 100-200ug a night, but almost always just 100ug.

  16. Well. As far as AAS goes availability is my biggest problem. Otherwise I would probably lean in that direction.

  17. Thats great advice about the GHRP. I guess I was a little confused on how it worked with carbs. I think that would be a good starting point for me while im still learning and cost is always a concern as well.

  18. Its OK to eat after pinning just not right away. You just dont want anything passing thru the liver while the GH is being metabolized to IGF. GH has a circulating HL of 20-30 minutes so 30-45 minutes is OK. I like to wait til 30 minutes after I feel myself go hypo then eat.

    There is nothing stronger than insulin for growth and insulin combined with HGH/IGF is on a level all its own.

  19. Should I be concerned with prolactin or cortisol at this dosage(100-200ug) if I did GHRP for 6mo. or would taking something for it be a waste of money? Any thoughts on hex? It claims to work well with ghrp. Will it give me less lethargic feelings compared to CJC?

  20. Hex doesnt work for very long before it loses its effectiveness, but it works well for a while.
    Not much you can do about cortisol. The traditional ways of dealing with cortisol issues dont work with ghrp-6. The postive effects of GH seem to outweigh the negative effects of cortisol.
    IF prolactin issues spring up, just keep your E in check. As long as estrogen is low, prolactin wont be an issue.

  21. Great info guys. I noticed hex is not discussed as much and that is probably why. I think that I will take a combination of the advice on this thread in that I will start a ghrp-6 cycle starting at 100-150/night for 6 months and try to work in an igf-cycle after a month from now but start out using 10ug/day PWO for 4 weeks and see how that works. Then maybe play around with the dosages after that while keeping some anti-estrogens handy for prolactin issues. Big thanks to Samadhismiles and DavesNotHere for setting me strait.

  22. Just an update for anyone who read my first post on this thread. The hypoglycemic effects that I experienced went completely away 10-14 days after stopping the IGF and I am currently running ghrp with no negative sides at all. I will give igf another shot in 4-5 weeks but as mentioned in my last post will start low and gradually up the dose from there.

  23. are you injecting the GHRP-6 while in a fasted state?

  24. yeah. im getting up in the middle of the night like you suggested or in the morning 30 min before I eat if I forget. I did notice a little mild aching(kind of like carpal tunnel) in a few areas but this is rare and not a huge concern. Also it feels like my bp is raising a bit in the gym and sometimes I feel a bit sleepy but thats probably normal.

  25. sounds like it's doing its job.


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