goes HGH have to be sub-q or can IM be done?

  1. goes HGH have to be sub-q or can IM be done?

    I have alot and it seems to be a cloudy, question...So to clear it up is it okay to go IM with a slin pin for gh? or does it have to be sub-q for max benefits...

  2. no, you can shoot it IM. Why would you though? The absorption rates are very similar. IM will be a little faster, but nothing substantial.

  3. Some feel that they see better results from high doses of GH injected IM immediately post workout. Theorize it to death, but that's what some experience.

  4. I do both. no difference. i dont always feel like 'pinching an inch' so i just jab it right into the muscle spot-inj style.

  5. Might want to read this for some insight


    Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of GH: dependence on route and dosage of administration



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