igf 1 lr3 in youtube?

  1. igf 1 lr3 in youtube?

    Does anyone can help me how to draw everthing with igf1 lr3 such as aa, bacteriostatic water? And what is the vinegar in aa?is it food vinegar? I really need help. Thank you

  2. Maybe anyone has the video how to make acetic acid in youtube? Thanks

  3. Vinegar is 5% acetic acid. To make a 0.6% solution for reconstituting your LR3 you'll need:
    Distilled white vinegar
    Distilled water
    0.2 - 0.22Ám Whatman syringe filter
    10ml syringe with a luer lock tip
    20 - 22 gauge needle
    sterile glass

    Once you have those items prepared just run a search on this forum on how to make 0.6% AA.

  4. My first post so I can't put up links but here's a great guide by PapaPumpSD

    anabolicminds . com/forum/attachments/

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