Mold/Bacteria growth in GHRP/CJC-1295 vial?

  1. Mold/Bacteria growth in GHRP/CJC-1295 vial?

    is it normal for lyophilized peptides to have a little bit of cloudiness form inside the vials. Small circular circle on upper vial as well. Is this normal?

  2. this is on a petri dish but does it look like that? Solid in center, faded ring around it? Slimy? Fuzzy? Cant give much answer with what you said. Pics would be even better if you could.

    If there is, i would send it back and ask for new stuff.

    Sometimes the peptide just rolled around and got stuck to the sides.

  3. thanks for the input! But I spoke with someone who mentioned that the BA in BWNaCl is enough to kill anything suspect in the gear. So im just gonna go ahead and recon it and hope that I dont die or grow a second head from the stuff! brilliant huh?

  4. No.

    1st off you should only be using Bacteriostatic water in it. Anything else and you take a chance of destroying the peptide, from what i remember. I know IGF people use The AA.

    2nd - BW will NOT kill bacteria. It just "freezes" it, so it could be in there and once you inject the bacteria could be in you and grow....

    If you really want, i think you could oven the pep while its dry, dont quote me on that. It would require removing the rubber stopper top so i doest melt.

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