difference in igf's lr3

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    difference in igf's lr3

    australian long r3 igf suspended in benzoyl alcohol or just regular long r3 igf? What makes the Australian one better? Just b/c its suspended? Does it last long in room temp? Im trying to cut up, also should I get mgf with those who have used mgf? Ive done igf and it definitely increases vascularity and fat loss. ASAP responses please

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    By Australian IGF do you mean GroPep/Novozymes? Where did you hear that Australian IGF is better? I think they say that theirs is receptor grade (with a purity of 95% and greater) but that doesn't mean that others aren't good. IMHO, the best IGF would be one that was vacuum sealed in freeze-dried form in 100mcg vials or even smaller. In this form it should last around 2 years at room temp.

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