hey, just about to do a good long few weeks of GHRP-6. I'm just coming off my first test cycle (500mg/week simple cycle). Doing PCT (nolva + aromasin). Going well so far.

I figured to do the GHRP-6 now so I could cut up a little bit and help my PCT along also. I've done it in the past right before bedtime, but that didn't work well cause the hunger kept me up. Here's my new idea:

1-2am - wake up and pee and pin 200ug (completely fasted state), go back to sleep

9am - wake up and pin 200ug, cardio 30 mins, foam rolling, shower, and then big breakfast

my only question, that will be like an hour after pinning that I will eat. Will the insulin reaction I get from the food be far enough apart from the pinning that it won't matter?