Post your experience with ghrp/cjc here !

  1. Post your experience with ghrp/cjc here !

    Growth Hormone Release Pepetide (GHRP-6)
    Growth Hormone Release Hormone (CJC-1295)

    Those new peptides are attracting a lot of attention from the bodybuilding communities. Yet, there are not very many feedbacks or posts around what people experience with them.

    This will be a good place to post yours. It will certainly be of a great value to those of us looking at trying them out.

    Please let us know about your gains, fat loss, energy levels, side effects, etc...

    The AM community will thank you for that !

  2. x2, would love to hear personal feedback. please post dosing schedule as well

  3. Come on everyone....where is the information sharing we all talk about here ????

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