Im trying to put on solid muscle and get more ripped, help?

  1. Im trying to put on solid muscle and get more ripped, help?

    Hi my names Mike and I have been lifting for about 5 years since freshmen year, I just graduated high school. I was a skinny kid and it is hard for me to pt alot of mass on i am 5'8" wieghing 160lbs. I am trying to put on some mass expecially on my chest and thicken my arms up, also I want to figure out how to get really ripped and get my tricep and bicep to show its form really good without flexing and get my six pack to show without flexing. Anyones opinion is helping thank you.

  2. I would post this in the bodybuilding or strength training section. You'll get better results over there. It will also help if you let people know your diet, lifting program, and be more goal specific. Most of the guys on this forum are here for the discussion of peptides and wont spend alot of time on stuff like this. Good luck with your lifting
    I use www.pepcalculator for all my peptide questions

  3. arent we all

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