New CJC derivative on the market

  1. New CJC derivative on the market

    A research company has started to market DAC CJC-1295 (RECEPTOR) that says it adds an extra lysine molecule to the compound. This is as opposed to their product CJC-1295 (modified). I have emailed the company in request, but I find it unlikely they will respond. Interesting.

    I'd prefer a molecule that has literature behind it for research use.

  2. cjc 1295 dac has been out, its the long lasting version. the other is just modified GRF(1-29)

  3. Has anyone tried CJC without the lysine linking group... drug affinity complex?

    OK, it is my understanding the lower priced product is being sold is the different from the clinical trials, as noted by the lack of a DAC protector.

    I received this email: "If you are seeing it in research and such then it is [the newer more expensive product] DAC."

  4. There are labs marketing a "true" cjc and also a mod grf, with the cjc obviously a bit pricier....but again, how the [email protected]#K are we supposed to REALLY know w/out lab testing a sample, and even then, you need a lab with capabilities and specialized equipment to even test it. I guess long term researching at once a week dosing to see if results are forthcoming. Log anyone?

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