Using IGF1-LR3 with Letro and Gear

  1. Using IGF1-LR3 with Letro and Gear

    Hey all. I have a question about running IGF1-LR3 with my Letro (ferma)? Not sure if this would be a bad combo to run together or if it may be nutrual or benificial. Im also running Test and EQ and torward the end of my cycle. Any input on running IGF-1 lr3 with letro would be greatly appreciated! I technically dont think there should be any issues but these compounds are fairly new to me. i guess im more concerned about an increase in possible cancer? Do you think im maybe being a little to paranoid?

  2. Bump...? anyones opinion would be appreciated. should I stop the letro when i start taking the igf1 lr3 or do you think i would be ok running the 2 together with Test and EQ?

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