*my question, How long will GHRP-6 last in BW? I found a host of answers, the most 'popular' one was 10 days. Can someone clear this up for me before I begin? Thanks!

Hey guys, I'm back and in bed after another knee surgery... but this time it's too bad.

Here was my first thread about IGF following a MAJOR injury:
Post Surgery IGF-1 Results. Shocking.

2006: Immediate surgery on a fully ruptured Patellar Tendon, MCL, Meniscus. (Left Knee)
2008: Elected to have surgery on a partially torn patellar tendon (Right Knee)*
2009: Elected to have surgery on a partially torn patellar tendon (Right Knee)

* An MRI revealed that this tendon did not get fixed. My current doctor in Beverly Hills explained that the previous doctor seemed to, for lack of better medical terminology, "taped" or "glued" the tendon where it had ripped rather than "sewing" it. A year later, I find myself back under the knife as the tendon never got fixed. Frustrating to say the least.

[I had the EXACT same surgery 10 days ago, that I had nearly exactly 1 year ago. Repair to a partially torn Patellar Tendon, right knee]

I used IGF-1 with major success in the initally post-op phase after the major football injury on my left knee. I did not use any IGF or GH for the minor surgery a year ago. I've decided to give GHRP-6 a whirl since the prices are reasonable and I've generally a believer in the peptides.

Log Begins
I haven't used GHRP-6 yet.

I'm 10 days removed from surgery and I nearly have a full range of motion on the knee. This is very surprising but the surgery just fixed a minor tear directly in the middle of the tendon.

Last time, I began physical therapy about 12 days after the procedure. This time, the doctor absolutely does not want me doing PT until 4 weeks. He thinks the aggressive protocol assigned by the Florida doctor was very reckless.

I'll be getting the GHRP-6 in sometime next week and using it at:
200mcg (Before Bed)
200mcg (Following Physical Therapy Sessions, which begin in about 20days)*

I plan to do this for 2 to 3 months.

I'll be seeing the doctor tomorrow, maybe he'll give me the green light to begin PT earlier since I've healed pretty fast so far.