1. Secretropin?

    Anyone know anything about this or currently taking it?

    I called the doc and for the sit down its 425 bux, labs 1200 and the product is 99 every month
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  2. Wow! That's no longer a secret! :P:P


  3. are you talking about this...

    Which clearly says its a NON-peptide. Why is a Rx needed?

    If not, link me please to some info on it

    EDIT: Says it can take up to 4 weeks to see increased levels from 50-200%, thats a HUGE variable of chance if you ask me. I say leave this to the people who need it or want low increase for good skin/anit-aging effects. Muscles, i would go with the tried and true GHRP6, CJC, hGH, and all the other peptides we have available. Thats a bit pricey too...

    If you do give it a shot, please log it.

  4. PMed you back. Enjoy. Hope it goes solid for you.
  5. Secretropin RX

    I own an integrative medical practice in North Carolina (Greensboro). I have started using Secretropin on my patients. I am actually using it myself as I had a very low IGF-1 and HGH level back in the fall. I discovered this at a recent anti-aging conference in Las Vegas. What I have noticed is that I am sleeping better. I plan to redraw my IGF-1 in about a month to compare. I accept insurance in my practice for a general workup and we have Secretropin in house for dispensing for 125.00 for a month supply. It is important to note that if you have had some pituitary damage of some sort, Secretropin may not work for you. But, for generally raising precursors to HGH, studies have been very promising. My practice is called Women's Integrative Health (we are changing our name to Triad Wellness Center so that men won't feel as if they are coming to a gynecologist!) Our number is 336-632-9944



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