Can I combine cjc & ghrp 6 in the same vial?

  1. Can I combine cjc & ghrp 6 in the same vial?

    Here's the deal, I have:
    1 vial CJC (2mg) just powder in a 2ml vial,
    1 vial of GHRP-6 (5mg) just powder in a 2ml vial,
    1 30ml vial of Bacteriostatic Water

    I don't have any extra vials, and I have 3ml pins,

    Can I mix both all the cjc and ghrp in the same vial of 30ml vial of Bacteriostatic Water?

    Thanks for any help

  2. is unknown what chemical reactions will take place if these substances are left together...why take a chance with your product? You can however mix the two in the same pin and administer it....

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