1. reconstitution

    i searched and did not find. My question is I have gh with 8iu per vial if I reconstitute with 1cc and want to use 2ius per inject then i would inject .25 with a 1/2 cc slin pin correct? I s it better to use sterile water or bw? thanks.

  2. .25 is correct for 2 ius.

    As far as bac water vs sterile, I don't think it makes a difference since you are gonna be done with the vial in a matter of days, but I'm no expert on the matter.

  3. i know that after you reconstitute it you have to keep in fridge but what about while it is in powder form ,keep infridge or just room temp?

  4. always keep it cold....use bac water so the peptide stays active longer....

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