hi friend

  1. hi friend

    hi friend. i m new in this forum. and i send about your opininion about my new year protocol.
    i used only peptides because i want save my @@ and for 16 weeks i used only gh slin igf1 and mgf..

    this is my plan.
    january: 4 weeks with gh 4ui 5 gg on and 2 off.
    igf 1 50mcg for part of muscle that i trained. i make igf1 5 days in a weeks
    ancilliaris: t3 2 caps daily

    februrary: 4 weeks with gh 4ui 5gg on and 2 off
    slin 5ui and up to 15-20 ui in total. i make slin in the morning before breackfast and post w.out. 5 day on and 2 off.
    and useing 2 caps t3 daily

    march: 4 weeks with gh 4ui 5gg on and 2 off.
    mgf 200mcg in the muscle that i training.
    and t3 2 caps daily..
    then in april i start with aas and preparation for the spring competition.
    what s do you think about this protocol.

    i m tall 170cm and my bodyweight is 91 kg... i make the last competition one weeks ago. and now i m off from all tipes of prodoucts.

  2. what dosage is each T3 cap? also dont take GH with 2 days off, doesnt make sense, that protocol was designed to save money, nothing more. take it without any days off (16 weeks on basically)

  3. ok i thinks that off gh 2 day for the saturation. i using gh every day no problem.
    t 3 is 25mcg. the gh stopped the t3 production. i using 2 caps 50mcg. the normal production is 25mcg but i want increase metabolism and increase the weight.
    my diet in the first phase is about 500gr carbs only low i.g carbs (Rice potatoes oats) 500gr protein ( chicken, white of eggs protein powder and red meat) and 100 gr fat.

    in the second phase with insu i low the fat and up the protein and carbs..

  4. Seems like a decent enough plan. I would still recommend androgens though even a low dose of say 250mg Test per week.

    Save your @@, what does that mean?

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